The Words That I say


I would hope that when you are down in the mire, when everything goes against you:  I would hope what I have to say, my presence e there with you: goes far beyond words: that because I was with you that you are better off:  that you are transcended into a little more happiness.

When all is against you, when all says that you are no good, that when you were born is a cursed, when you are rejected by all around you, when you come to the limits of your worth.  I would hope that you’d say that you are my friend and that your life is better off because you knew me.

When those on either sides are yelling and calling you out a bum: when no good dwells in you:  when our souls dies against the sun:

When you are alone:  when you are nothing more than dirt on this earth:  And when you feel nothing is good down inside you:  I would hope you call me your friend.

When everybody’s shouting and everyone wants to say, yet when everybody’s shouting and no one can be heard:

When you are down, no good and wanting:  when you are a hungered and left alone.

I would hope that you can call me your friend.

Yes, there is desolation, there is destitution which we can all endure.

No one is there for us, when we are all alone.

The words that I say are no more than words without life.

For words must possess meaning.

And who am I to say what is or what is not?  If your world crumbles down before you?

As your friend, I remain standing:  I stand with you before all and before the eloquence of the earth: YET, IN STANDING, I may fall before you,

I had loved you, the words that I say.


When the Tide Goes Against You


Right now at this very moment, you have heard news where you lost your job.  Your wife may have left you and the stack of bills piled up overwhelm you. You may be a high school dropout with no chance of a job, an ex-felon with no place to go.  All your life you may even see yourself as a loser with no way out.

If you are as many other people, times are rough and really, the entire tide seems to be going against you.  Indeed, this may even be the umpteenth time you’ve lost everything.  Perhaps all your friends have also gone away with every circumstance going against you.

Will God intervene and Christ save you from this great mess?  No, probably not.  However, he may intervene, show you favor but not matter the outcome, God is always there with you for he promises to always be there with us in ever predicament.

Isaiah 41:13

For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

In this change of events you see, actually things couldn’t really be better for you for you have the hand of Almighty God standing there with you holding your hand.

Romans 8:31

If God is for us, who can be against us?

As a matter of fact, things may continue to go against you in your life.  I can’t say when things will get better or if they ever will.

If you have cancer, then you will probably still have cancer.  If you are broke and down and out, perhaps you’ll remain that way.

However, trusting in the Lord guarantees you a relationship, an audience with our creator and whatever blessing He chooses to follow you with.

The truth be told, you have indeed be a really bad person.  Or, you may come across as a great person.  God, though doesn’t chooses our outward personality.  Instead, he judges our hearts. The truth be known, we will NEVER be good enough to enter God’s company.

Aside from God’s promise to always remain with us for God, through His son, Jesus to forgive us our sins if we confess unto him.

Thus, your situation may stay the same, but more importantly, your relationship status evolves and changes.  Confession unto Jesus means that you are adopted into God’s kingdom exactly the way you are, good, bad or indifferent.

If the tide has turned against you, my suggestion is for you to reach out to your maker and ask him to help you.  Though all else fails, God’s Holy word remains:  He never Changes and promises to be there for us in our time of need.  I don’t know about you, but if I’m in dire straits and out on the streets, I want the comfort of my Heavenly Father to guide me out of my calamity.  Think of it.  He promises to hold our hand in the most dangerous travails of this world.  Call out to His Son today.  He is waiting for you with his angels.

So God doesn’t talk to you?


Anyone who watches television has witnessed a preacher talking about God as if Christ came into their living room and had a cup of coffee with them. They speak endlessly how Christ told them this or that and of course, we listen to all of that blather as if we were missing out on the big event.

Why doesn’t God talk to us?  We ask that question over and over again. I’m not going to question those who describe God’s voice a quiet, whispering voice.

The Bible tells us again and again speaking of God’s voice as a thunderous voice or even as a roar.  Below are some examples of the thunder of God’s voice.

2 Samuel 22:14, Job 36:33Job 37:4, Job 37:5, Psalm 29:3, Jeremiah 51:16

 Okay, so then you say that you’ve never heard the thunder of God’s voice either.  Don’t feel left out for neither have I.

What most of us are making reference to when we talk about God speaking to us is an inner voice that prods us from God’s spirit.

1 John 2:27 Speaks of the anointed ones (Christians) receiving God’s laws written upon their hearts.  I see other passages as well, in particular from Jeremiah that explains it as such where even nonbelievers know the law of God. Everyone knows that murder, stealing, etc. is wrong. This is true for all cultures, not just for Christians.

The point I am making is that: the Holy Bible gives us the words, all of the words that we need to perform our love walk with the Lord and his Church.  Don’t feel put off by those who claim to possess a more intimate relationship with God. In all likelihood, they probably know no more about our Father and his kingdom than either you or I and without putting them down, all you need to know is that whatever you know about God through his Bible is adequate.  Paul tells us that God’s grace is made sufficient to us through our weakness.  That special word, weakness describes all of us and so we should all receive God’s grace to make us whatever we are lacking.

At any rate, God created you as a special individual and is eager to have a relationship with you.  The ultimate truth is that we must see through the eyes of Christ just how special we are as we are born into sin whereas blinders on our eyes prevent us from seeing the truth of who we are.

Christ is the one who sets us free, and waking with our friend, The Christ is the way that transcends normal, dull living.  God doesn’t speak to you?  He can do that and more.  However, words are cheap.  Join in on the day to day living with our  Lord that permeates life far greater than mere words. Christ is the living word!

What is it we want from God?


The truth be told, whenever we approach God, we generally want him to do something for us.  In like manner, we see God more as a Genie to solve some problem rather than seeking the truth of his spirit.

Sadly, more often than not, we ask God for money, for position for favor.

We ask God for health, for property and to influence the world around us.

How many of us have friends or kids that whenever they see us have their hands out wanting something from us?  There ‘friends’ and family attempt to ‘get’ something out of us, in fact, many times asking for things they don’t really need or could do for themselves if there were to put off the desire for a while.

Our approach to God is rather often the same way.  Instead, we should be actively engaged and involved with his work.  We should approach our heavenly father in the same way we approach our earthly father.  We should approach Him with reverence and in an appeal to spend time with Him, not trying our best to get something out of Him.

In prayers we attempt to beat down God, to wear him out so he’ll obviously change his mind and give whatever it is that we want.

You see, there is a selfishness about what we are really after.  We apply this ‘con’ on people and then try it out on God.  In every sense of the word, our efforts should be concentrated on others.  The reverse is generally true as we are more concern for our self.

Who in their right mind wants a friend or family member to come around to be with us simply because they have a need?  Doesn’t self-preservation dictate that we attempt to avoid those people and steer away from users?

I think God is identical.  He doesn’t like users and is begging for our attention and for us to spend quality time with him, not just when we need something.  Of many things, God is best at judging our hearts.  Our hearts must be pure to properly approach Him.  Jesus is always there waiting to give us our most precious gift and that is total forgiveness for our sins. Afterward there should be the longing, the natural yearning to enjoy one’s company.  Our need then for a genie should be over as once we are reconciled with God through Jesus, we should rely on him to meet all our needs.  Meeting these needs then is a result of a relationship of Him telling us, and not the other way around.  Simply stated, we need Him to tell us what we really need for our history explains we usually choose and choose wrong.

Straightening Out God


Often times we feel that God doesn’t measure up to our expectations.  Examining all the evil in the world such as war, robberies, murders, lying and cheating, we conclude that God could do a better job at administrating the world.

More often than not, the point drives home after we experience the sadness of say, the loss of a loved one or a sickness that seems so unjust, so unfair.

During those moments, yes, we feel we could do a better job that God is deciding what is just or unjust.  More than anything else, we believe at the time that whatever is going on, is unfair.

The truth is:  from our logic, you are more than likely correct.  You are probably right.

King James Bible Isaiah 55:8
For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.

God explains to us, that we simply don’t think the same way.  God’s ways are so much better than ours.  In the end, we must trust God.

Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding.

A greater truth than our own perception is that we are mere idiots when it comes to out guessing God.  Once a great man called Job attempted to reason with God over unjust matters.  God called him to task after more or less asking Job all the secrets of creations.  Of course, Job, the same as we are:  had no clue whatsoever about the laws of creation or this universe.

Proverbs teaches us that the beginning of wisdom is to trust in God, our creator.  Rather than being busy trying to straighten out God or our fellow man, we should instead focus on our own personal self.

I am sure, that you are like the rest of us: there are times when you can’t even explain yourself.  Sure, we come up with rationalizations for our behaviors, but in more honest terms, we have no idea why we sometimes act one way or another.

An even more honest approach admits we know about as much as Job when it comes to explaining the universe.  In short, we don’t’ know much at all.

In terms of straightening out our self, we must first admit our errors, confess our sins, repent and seek atonement from God, through Christ our King.  In the end, when this world is over, when it ends, all will be straighten out by God as Christ goes through his task of judging the world.  During that time, it is our job to begin the chore of straightening out our own personal lives.

Where is God when I need him?

Perhaps no greater question could be asked when we face conflict.  In summation, if God is so big, so important, all powerful, then where is he when we are in need?
In asking this question, we are generally really asking for a Genie.  In other words, we are not asking for our creator as much as we are ususally in a fix and want relief.  However, to know God we must see Him in relationship as a Father.  When we bring things down to these terms, we make it personal and yes, things are personal when it comes to our relationship with God.
John 14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
Thus, the way to reach our Father is through his Son, Jesus.  In accessing Jesus our Christ we then have a mechanism and status to approach our Father in Heaven.
Does this mean when we pray that our problem will be solved?  More than likely not.  Yet, in trusting our Savior for our body and soul, we must trust that whatever follows our prayers is what is best for us.  This is another way of saying that Jesus will assist us in whatever comes our way.  As always, then what comes our way is both the good and the bad. When we learn not to view God as the head Genie to ‘fix’ all our immediate desire problems, then we also learn the true relationship of son-father and family interactions.
All of this brings us to the nature of Christ’s church.  We read that God’s spirit resides inside the hearts of Christians and for us to gather together for strength.  This is no small task.  Cliniging to brothers and sisters requires a large leap of faith:  we are trusting by faith that God will direct the church for our best gain. Hence, if you want to know where God is, you must search out his church.  This brings us to another nexus, another path on the road:  How do we know who the true Christians are:  The bible tells us that we shall know them by their love.
John 13:34-35 “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. 35″By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Life Sucks and All’s Unfair

Getting down to the nitty gritty of life, no one can deny that there are days that life truly sucks!  There are days when no matter what our efforts, things just go from bad to worse.  Yes, some days and sometimes weeks when things just go crappy and no effort or thought on our part is going to change it.  There are simply times when life sucks!  This is the absolute truth and everyone knows it.
Okay, it’s the truth now get over it.  There are moments in our life that are so horrible that no one should have to endure it.  And while we can’t always or even mostly shape our environment or circumstance, we always have a part in shaping our attitude towards it.  In spells or periods of bad times, it comes down to this:  Are we going to permit our environment to dictate to us our mindset, or are we going to take control of our own lives?
Another fundamental truth is that for those who permit the environment to define their circumstances, we know that those people then must accept that more than likely the rest of their lives will suck as well.  Whatever difficulty that comes our way–we must accept and go with the flow, but resist its changing effect on us in the negative.  Our role is to see and grow as we are able to tear away the layers of badness, and examine the small residue of goodness.  From this examination and test we are able to grow and then go on with lives.  The true separation between life that is bad, or one that sucks, or one that is abundant and good, is how we have adjusted our own lives for our own personal good.  I would prefer that life didn’t suck for long.

Never Give Up!

A statement is given to Winston Churchill that goes something like, Never, never, never, never ga new leg, but do expect to articulate by whatever means is available.  We can then trust for God to make the most of whatever we have and however lacking it may appear to the mind’s eye.

The Christian only has to look at the feeding of the thousands with the few baskets of fish.  The casual observer sees the lack where God through Christ sees abundance.

Another creation of this ordeal might be that we see a lot of ex-es.

These include:  The ex-drunkard, ex-druggie, ex-spouse-abuser, ex-pedophile, ex-liar, ex-theft and many, many other ex-es, but in particular, a loser.

Our social society today teachers there are no such things as losers, but any street person will spot a loser in a moment’s notice.  Our own heart convicts us as well on this issue and we know when we’ve been screwing up and know it for a long time.  We might superficially blame ourselves, but on the whole we have enough legalization in our vocabulary to blame anyone else that is convenient.

We have committed to memory all the nice little adages and sayings of the religious and might even have read hundreds of self-help books and have always known the lingo, the noble words of patronization to society that forces us to ‘fit’ into the society.

Only now, in this case, we have are down.  We have been reduced to our knees that our wonderful, rational minds can no longer reason our life experiences and have concluded that we are powerless to control it and now turn to another power of our creator. And after the sovereignty of God’s wisdom has tried our case against ourselves, we begin to trust.  Once we are in that trust, we see our circumstances differently.  It no longer matters if we are a winner or loser anymore.  Our lives are no longer defined by society or false measurements of our own.  The only thing important now is our direct relationship with God.  In failing to yield to our apparent circumstances, we are now free to pursue the activity God has wanted us to perform all along.

Perhaps we should have been a writer rather than a real estate broker.  Perhaps our real field lies in service to the young or to the geriatrics. Our real forte might be in law or medicine or in preaching or in listening, or in sales or in scholarship.  I don’t know the calling one person to another might have been endowed at birth, but the believer knows we were called into existence for a purpose.  As a believer who has yielded to our creator, we know what is important is that we are fully engaged in a day to day relationship with Him and that there is never any failure for those who place their trust in Him.

For all things, failure and giving up is not an option.  In taking Winston Churchill’s quotation to the nth degree, we come to realize for some things, it never makes good sense to give up.  The believer never speaks of suicide, never speaks of succumbing to the wiles of the world, never, never gives up, for the true believer knows and understands God’s great plan.  However bad our world might appear, real or perceived, God is behind us.  In the end, the believer knows that all things will be restored.

See you around, Sucker!

November 10, 2015

See you around, Sucker!

Today’s value system is not conducive to Christian values.  The entire idea of forgiveness, mercy over justice, giving, receiving, faith, patience and tolerance is misconstrued as a leftist, liberal value.  In short, all of the aforementioned values are considered fodder for suckers.

Not only are people of character listed as suckers, but are also deemed naïve.  The trademark of today is Leo Durocher’s war-cry, “Nice guys finish last.”

Today’s values state that forgiveness is tantamount to weakness.  Only a sucker gives a fellow human being a break.  It’s not, “A friend in need is a friend indeed” but, “A friend in need is an S.O.B.”  Justice is the pronouncement.  Forget mercy, “All I care about is what’s mine,” has replaced perhaps the greatest release of power and that is to forgive.  Giving or donating money is another sign for pure suckers.  To the straight-laced all are Elmer Gantry’s preying off those who suffer for lack of brains.  They see beggars, preachers as those who have their arm around your wife, another hand for your wallet and eating all the fried chicken in sight.  To them, altruism is dead if ever alive.  It is for suckers.  The world sees those who are in need to receive as a leech from the principal body.  “Only a sucker would give to them,” they cry.  Sounding more like a Scrooge than a well versed person, the Christian is wiped off main stream society as an aberration.  We are wrong, we are told.  We have sold out and they want nothing to do with us.  Other than for ridicule or scorn, their voices are loud and clear as they walk away in derision, “See you around, Sucker!”  And to our glory, we know they are talking about us.

Why we do stupid things

November 12, 2015


T. F. Thompson

Why we do stupid things

Often we use the excuse, “we are only human” when we have done stupid things.  To err, is to be all so human, yet we use this as an excuse: conversely, to do right is just as human as to err or to do wrong.

Matthew 15:18-19

What Defiles a Man
…18″But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man. 19″For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders”

Christ clearly tells us that our speech flows directly from our heart.  Without question, words can be cheap and even the best of us at times can be fooled.  But anyone over a period of time discovers a person’s true intent as it is revealed in its due course.

Pure and simple, we do stupid things because we want to.  Doing stupid, wile and wicked behaviors comes natural to us and we yield to our first desires to do wrong.  We do this, as the Apostle Paul tells us, because sin dwells in us.  It follows that sin separates us from God because God is perfect and will not be around imperfection.

All of this means is that we are rejected by God because of our sin.  The good news is that by asking God for forgiveness through Christ we can be forgiven and justified unto righteousness because of our faith in Christ to forgive us before our heavenly father.

So then, what does all of this mean?  It means our first instinct is to do stupid things.  It doesn’t mean we have to continue to do stupid things or that we are completely lost forever as a result.  It does mean that God is waiting for us to repent, to turn around our action, our heart, ask for forgiveness and to begin anew.

How many times do we have to do this?  Over and over again, for as often as is required.  In fact, this means an entire lifetime of ‘a renewing of our minds’ as we will never be perfect until that glorious day when we enter heaven.

Our sinful nature then stems from the desires of our heart.  We speak it, perform it and then suffer the consequences of our actions.  At times we feel guilty and worthless. The truth is:  we are guilty, we are worthless and except by grace from God, we would be hopeless.

Paul speaks that NOW IS THE TIME FOR SALAVATION The question remains:  do we want to continue to do stupid things?  The answer should be a simple one.  Call out to the Lord through prayer and receive his free gift of salvation.  Become a member of God’s kingdom through Christ and join his church that seeks to obey the word of God.  It is time to wise up and quit doing stupid things.