I am no body

November 13, 2015


T. F. Thompson

Have you ever felt unimportant and believed that God can’t use you?  Does your past haunt you?  Maybe you’re an ex-felon, maybe a prostitute or a drug addict.  Maybe your past is so heinous you want no one to know about it for dread and shame. Then again, it may be that you feel you are uneducated, not popular, don’t possess an important job or home or car or whatever else in American Society that one would feel merits status.

The good news is that unimportant people can be used by God. Unimportant people are often drawn to God as they feel a need to be close to something that is greater than they are.

For whatever it’s worth, I’m to be counted with you for I’m unimportant as well.  And in searching for a measure of self-worth we see prime examples in the Bible of those who were either broken or unimportant.  Critical here is the idea that God used these people in a major way.

We can review the wife of Hosea, a prostitute.  King David, in his youth was a nondescript individual who was overlooked even by his own father.  Gideon was ordinary in every practical term to include Moses who was an abandoned baby cast off in a river to die. Finally, we see Jesus as a newborn.  He entered the world, not as a king, but as a child with a struggling family.  This King was born in a manger.  Essentially this was a lowly barn, not exactly the surroundings of an important person.

The real question becomes:  while we are no one of this world, we should embrace the riches of the Heavenly World.  The heavenly world comes from the Lord, Christ Jesus.  Once accepting our savior we then are adopted into the good graces of God’s kingdom and become an heir as a family member.  No faster way exists for social mobility.

The decision is yours.  Confess your sins, your need for Christ in your life and accept the gift of salvation.


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