Isn’t it nice to have God nice and neatly placed in a box?

We have all heard the sermon that requires us to pray a particular prayer or to possess a particular faith during bad circumstances and provide solutions that so neatly tied everything together for a happy ending.

Yet, in our own lives, we know differently and know events are going to continue to be harsh, extreme and perhaps provide a bitter ending.  Why then do we see a difference?

We may ask ourselves:  is the preacher lying?  Is the Bible a liar and more importantly or as importantly, is God a liar?

Of course not to all of the questions.  We are not witnessing liars in our predicaments, only the absence of the full answers from God himself.

Therefore, if you are suffering and having a horrible time in life, in all likelihood, in spite of your beliefs, you will more than likely continue to experience the same.  Nothing is really sugar coated in the gospel.  Much is required of us, and as a result, we fail often and fail badly.

In all of our failures, trusting God, trusting our Lord, the Christ can be difficult, if at times, impossible.  Don’t count yourselves alone.

What is important here is to not lose faith in our creator.  The causal result of doubting God is for Him to lose faith in us.  We are to maintain hope regardless of our circumstance.

Resolving hope in spite of defeat is the true mark of persistent faith.  Consequently, we are not to give up on our faith or our determination to serve God.

We must admit our sin and sins.  We must admit our inability to cope, to have the answers.  Our hope is not or at least must not be with us, but with Him, the Christ.  Counter to our own desires, our job is to believe that God has things in control.  We are to trust that we have hope, not so much in this world, but in the next in Heaven.

So then, we ask:  how does this help us now?  It helps us insomuch that we realize the frailty of being human. And in the fragility of being human, we submit ourselves to the Almighty in a hope that goes beyond hope even to the end of our lives.  No, nothing is easy in this world.  I don’t have a formula that will get you out of your situation:  I don’t promise all to go well or to be good.  All I promise is that God loves you and that you can attain personal contentment knowing that Christ is at the head of our conflict and that he promises to be with us and remain with us if we are loyal to him.

Indeed, our moment of conflict may suck.  We may see no humanly way out of our circumstances and in fact, there may be no way out.  Sure, a miracle may come along and solve our plight, but in the most likely advent that it doesn’t, we are to trust in our Lord that He is with us.

Thus, I say that no matter how bad our situation:  no matter how bad we may be:  no matter the odds against us, even unto death, we are to hold out and invite Christ into our lives in order to be closer to him.

This way that is presented is not an easy way:  however, I maintain it is often the only way.  The blessed assurance is that’s God’s Holy Spirit is there in our weakness.  My encouragement is to hang on and know and believe that when all else fails, you belong to God.


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