Life Sucks and All’s Unfair

Getting down to the nitty gritty of life, no one can deny that there are days that life truly sucks!  There are days when no matter what our efforts, things just go from bad to worse.  Yes, some days and sometimes weeks when things just go crappy and no effort or thought on our part is going to change it.  There are simply times when life sucks!  This is the absolute truth and everyone knows it.
Okay, it’s the truth now get over it.  There are moments in our life that are so horrible that no one should have to endure it.  And while we can’t always or even mostly shape our environment or circumstance, we always have a part in shaping our attitude towards it.  In spells or periods of bad times, it comes down to this:  Are we going to permit our environment to dictate to us our mindset, or are we going to take control of our own lives?
Another fundamental truth is that for those who permit the environment to define their circumstances, we know that those people then must accept that more than likely the rest of their lives will suck as well.  Whatever difficulty that comes our way–we must accept and go with the flow, but resist its changing effect on us in the negative.  Our role is to see and grow as we are able to tear away the layers of badness, and examine the small residue of goodness.  From this examination and test we are able to grow and then go on with lives.  The true separation between life that is bad, or one that sucks, or one that is abundant and good, is how we have adjusted our own lives for our own personal good.  I would prefer that life didn’t suck for long.

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