Never Give Up!

A statement is given to Winston Churchill that goes something like, Never, never, never, never ga new leg, but do expect to articulate by whatever means is available.  We can then trust for God to make the most of whatever we have and however lacking it may appear to the mind’s eye.

The Christian only has to look at the feeding of the thousands with the few baskets of fish.  The casual observer sees the lack where God through Christ sees abundance.

Another creation of this ordeal might be that we see a lot of ex-es.

These include:  The ex-drunkard, ex-druggie, ex-spouse-abuser, ex-pedophile, ex-liar, ex-theft and many, many other ex-es, but in particular, a loser.

Our social society today teachers there are no such things as losers, but any street person will spot a loser in a moment’s notice.  Our own heart convicts us as well on this issue and we know when we’ve been screwing up and know it for a long time.  We might superficially blame ourselves, but on the whole we have enough legalization in our vocabulary to blame anyone else that is convenient.

We have committed to memory all the nice little adages and sayings of the religious and might even have read hundreds of self-help books and have always known the lingo, the noble words of patronization to society that forces us to ‘fit’ into the society.

Only now, in this case, we have are down.  We have been reduced to our knees that our wonderful, rational minds can no longer reason our life experiences and have concluded that we are powerless to control it and now turn to another power of our creator. And after the sovereignty of God’s wisdom has tried our case against ourselves, we begin to trust.  Once we are in that trust, we see our circumstances differently.  It no longer matters if we are a winner or loser anymore.  Our lives are no longer defined by society or false measurements of our own.  The only thing important now is our direct relationship with God.  In failing to yield to our apparent circumstances, we are now free to pursue the activity God has wanted us to perform all along.

Perhaps we should have been a writer rather than a real estate broker.  Perhaps our real field lies in service to the young or to the geriatrics. Our real forte might be in law or medicine or in preaching or in listening, or in sales or in scholarship.  I don’t know the calling one person to another might have been endowed at birth, but the believer knows we were called into existence for a purpose.  As a believer who has yielded to our creator, we know what is important is that we are fully engaged in a day to day relationship with Him and that there is never any failure for those who place their trust in Him.

For all things, failure and giving up is not an option.  In taking Winston Churchill’s quotation to the nth degree, we come to realize for some things, it never makes good sense to give up.  The believer never speaks of suicide, never speaks of succumbing to the wiles of the world, never, never gives up, for the true believer knows and understands God’s great plan.  However bad our world might appear, real or perceived, God is behind us.  In the end, the believer knows that all things will be restored.


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