Why we do stupid things

November 12, 2015


T. F. Thompson

Why we do stupid things

Often we use the excuse, “we are only human” when we have done stupid things.  To err, is to be all so human, yet we use this as an excuse: conversely, to do right is just as human as to err or to do wrong.

Matthew 15:18-19

What Defiles a Man
…18″But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man. 19″For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders”

Christ clearly tells us that our speech flows directly from our heart.  Without question, words can be cheap and even the best of us at times can be fooled.  But anyone over a period of time discovers a person’s true intent as it is revealed in its due course.

Pure and simple, we do stupid things because we want to.  Doing stupid, wile and wicked behaviors comes natural to us and we yield to our first desires to do wrong.  We do this, as the Apostle Paul tells us, because sin dwells in us.  It follows that sin separates us from God because God is perfect and will not be around imperfection.

All of this means is that we are rejected by God because of our sin.  The good news is that by asking God for forgiveness through Christ we can be forgiven and justified unto righteousness because of our faith in Christ to forgive us before our heavenly father.

So then, what does all of this mean?  It means our first instinct is to do stupid things.  It doesn’t mean we have to continue to do stupid things or that we are completely lost forever as a result.  It does mean that God is waiting for us to repent, to turn around our action, our heart, ask for forgiveness and to begin anew.

How many times do we have to do this?  Over and over again, for as often as is required.  In fact, this means an entire lifetime of ‘a renewing of our minds’ as we will never be perfect until that glorious day when we enter heaven.

Our sinful nature then stems from the desires of our heart.  We speak it, perform it and then suffer the consequences of our actions.  At times we feel guilty and worthless. The truth is:  we are guilty, we are worthless and except by grace from God, we would be hopeless.

Paul speaks that NOW IS THE TIME FOR SALAVATION The question remains:  do we want to continue to do stupid things?  The answer should be a simple one.  Call out to the Lord through prayer and receive his free gift of salvation.  Become a member of God’s kingdom through Christ and join his church that seeks to obey the word of God.  It is time to wise up and quit doing stupid things.


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