So God doesn’t talk to you?


Anyone who watches television has witnessed a preacher talking about God as if Christ came into their living room and had a cup of coffee with them. They speak endlessly how Christ told them this or that and of course, we listen to all of that blather as if we were missing out on the big event.

Why doesn’t God talk to us?  We ask that question over and over again. I’m not going to question those who describe God’s voice a quiet, whispering voice.

The Bible tells us again and again speaking of God’s voice as a thunderous voice or even as a roar.  Below are some examples of the thunder of God’s voice.

2 Samuel 22:14, Job 36:33Job 37:4, Job 37:5, Psalm 29:3, Jeremiah 51:16

 Okay, so then you say that you’ve never heard the thunder of God’s voice either.  Don’t feel left out for neither have I.

What most of us are making reference to when we talk about God speaking to us is an inner voice that prods us from God’s spirit.

1 John 2:27 Speaks of the anointed ones (Christians) receiving God’s laws written upon their hearts.  I see other passages as well, in particular from Jeremiah that explains it as such where even nonbelievers know the law of God. Everyone knows that murder, stealing, etc. is wrong. This is true for all cultures, not just for Christians.

The point I am making is that: the Holy Bible gives us the words, all of the words that we need to perform our love walk with the Lord and his Church.  Don’t feel put off by those who claim to possess a more intimate relationship with God. In all likelihood, they probably know no more about our Father and his kingdom than either you or I and without putting them down, all you need to know is that whatever you know about God through his Bible is adequate.  Paul tells us that God’s grace is made sufficient to us through our weakness.  That special word, weakness describes all of us and so we should all receive God’s grace to make us whatever we are lacking.

At any rate, God created you as a special individual and is eager to have a relationship with you.  The ultimate truth is that we must see through the eyes of Christ just how special we are as we are born into sin whereas blinders on our eyes prevent us from seeing the truth of who we are.

Christ is the one who sets us free, and waking with our friend, The Christ is the way that transcends normal, dull living.  God doesn’t speak to you?  He can do that and more.  However, words are cheap.  Join in on the day to day living with our  Lord that permeates life far greater than mere words. Christ is the living word!


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