The Words That I say


I would hope that when you are down in the mire, when everything goes against you:  I would hope what I have to say, my presence e there with you: goes far beyond words: that because I was with you that you are better off:  that you are transcended into a little more happiness.

When all is against you, when all says that you are no good, that when you were born is a cursed, when you are rejected by all around you, when you come to the limits of your worth.  I would hope that you’d say that you are my friend and that your life is better off because you knew me.

When those on either sides are yelling and calling you out a bum: when no good dwells in you:  when our souls dies against the sun:

When you are alone:  when you are nothing more than dirt on this earth:  And when you feel nothing is good down inside you:  I would hope you call me your friend.

When everybody’s shouting and everyone wants to say, yet when everybody’s shouting and no one can be heard:

When you are down, no good and wanting:  when you are a hungered and left alone.

I would hope that you can call me your friend.

Yes, there is desolation, there is destitution which we can all endure.

No one is there for us, when we are all alone.

The words that I say are no more than words without life.

For words must possess meaning.

And who am I to say what is or what is not?  If your world crumbles down before you?

As your friend, I remain standing:  I stand with you before all and before the eloquence of the earth: YET, IN STANDING, I may fall before you,

I had loved you, the words that I say.


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