Correcting Children


Friends, let’s get real.  Have you ever seen some parents when they correct their children?  My God, they go over their sins with a fine tooth comb, leaving untouched.  In some cases they go over their children’s  ‘crimes’ with a magnifying glass and bring out every detail as if they were a refined prosecutor.  I’ve heard kids owe up to every small infraction as if they were standing at the gates of Heaven and awaiting their verdict which clearly they would be pronounced GUILTY.

Yet, when parents sin and perform infractions, we have our own built-in excuses.  We ration whatever error we have committed and set our sins aside.  What?  How?  How dare anyone judge what ‘WE’ adults do.

We blame our age, our anger, stress and responsibilities for whatever it is that we do wrong.  In the end, we do NOT ask for JUSTICE, we ask for MERCY.  Isn’t this so all convenient?

We demand Justice be imposed on our children, yet MERCY for us?

All I am saying is look at how we judge others.  This doesn’t stop with children for we impose our righteous judgment against others in the same way. We read where so one steals and demand that the ‘bums’ be locked up.  We shame others for being lazy and unemployed, for being broke or dirty or for a host of reasons.

The Lord said, that a new commandment I give unto you:  That you should love one another even as I have loved you so you should love one another.

To love our neighbor as our self means we are to employ empathy. We are to view others as if we indeed were to be in those circumstances.

Particularly, this should ring true when we discipline our kids.  Of course, we should discipline our kids.  But for God’s sake, discipline them in a loving manner.

Delegate mercy to them the same as you would ask for yourself.  Do this for your children and others who are around you.  In the end, it is our purpose to love


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