When life is a Crock


There are times in your life when events have so overwhelmed you that pure and simple:  Life is a Crock! When relationships dissolve, when our personal goals fail, when people we trusted screw us over, when health takes a turn or when you are flat out broke with nowhere to turn:  Life sucks!

If someone thinks it’s so easy, ask them how it feels to be homeless.  It’s even harder to be homeless with a family.  Have someone tell you to pull yourself up by the ‘bootstraps’ after you’ve applied for over 200 jobs with no positive reply.  And as much as those around us tell us they love us, words are not enough.

When you are in pain, when it hurts to think about your situation:  when well-meaning people explain to you that “it will all be alright” that “it will all work itself out in the end”—That is all a crock.  You HURT and you HURT BAD!  NO, it’s not all going to be alright.  Flesh and blood is breaking down. You are wounded, you’re down and maybe not out, but truthfully, you’re in critical shape.

And I know it doesn’t help to know that Christ was homeless, that Christ was unemployed and while you could feel for him, it doesn’t help you at all.  You are not Christ. You are merely a man or a woman.

And in times like these you need answers and you don’t need them in the future, you need them NOW.

I don’t believe in sugar-coating anything, and as bad as things may be:  where you may be homeless, do you still have your two feet?  Where you may be ill, is your family alive and you’re able to be around them?  And where you are suffering, are there those around you that are far worse off than you?  Again, where that may be putting thing in perspective, it doesn’t help you a bit.

God who is distant, who is a far and away from us doesn’t help us at either. It doe us no good to recognize that a wise creator is ethereal, away from us.  And in like manner, what good are we to our own kids if we don’t take the time to be around them?  To them, we wouldn’t even exist at all if we were always away.

Agreed, it would suck and eternally suck if reality were only expressed in these terms.  You are probably bad enough off the way it is to conclude that no one cares, that even God doesn’t care.

The good news is that God does care.  And where our Heavenly Father may be way up there, he sent his son down here on earth to be with us.

Through Jesus’ death on the cross, he now stands as a mediator for us between here on earth and our Father in Heaven.

Now then.  These are great concepts and great announcements, but now you would ask me where then is Christ our Savior?

First, Christ is alive through his spirit.  That spirit dwells in you and it begs, calls out for you to let him speak to you, to be with you.  Christ is alive through your brothers and sisters in the Church.  Until his eventual return, Christ controls and directs his children to be here for you.

In short, Christ died on a cross for our sins.  He was buried and rose from the dead solely for his love for us.  If you want answers and want them now, reach inside your heart and speak to Christ for he is waiting for you to enter his Kingdom.  Reach out to his children who will magnify his presence to you.

It is horrible when life sucks, when life is a crock.  It is so much harder to do when you are alone.  Join your brothers and sisters in searching for the good life together.

Ephesians 2:8

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God–

Believe through faith on this day that Christ and your Heavenly Father love you.  Make your day, every day a better day!


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