I Don’t Love Everyone


You’ve all heard it from some people.  They say they love everyone.  Heck, they don’t even know you and still they’ll say how much they love you.

Of course, we all love Asians, Germans, French, those from South American, the list goes on and on as we naturally love everybody.

This doesn’t mean we hate people we don’t know, but it does rather put a limiter on things just from a practical matter.

However, to love someone, we must know them in some intimate way even if that love is transcended only by proxy.

It stands to reason that likeable people are more easily loved that unlikeable people.  Yet, try as we like, there are some people we simply don’t love at all.  Those people may include murderers, our exes, coworkers, terrorists, whoever—I don’t know who It may be with you, but truthfully speaking, we simply don’t love EVERYONE.

My argument is not to convince NOT to love all, but only to admit that we don’t love everyone. I believe people will respect us more for being truthful to them rather than some pious platitude that means absolutely nothing! Being honest and real and down to earth wins over people far more than trying to come across as St. Paul.  Now then:  if you ARE St. Paul, then I guess it would be okay to say you love everyone.  However, more than likely you are about the same as I am.  Simply owe up to who you are to other people and mirror your exact words. It comes down to the virtue of loving those people for real that you say that you do.


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