Saying the Wrong Thing


There’s an old saying that more or less comes out of the book of Proverbs that says: Even a fool appears to be wise when he keeps his mouth shut.

When it comes to most people, to include myself, there are times, and those times are often whenever we interject something hurtful or otherwise where we haven’ t thought something through where the end result is that we simply said the wrong thing.

This action may be because you were attempting to be humorous, or else we rationalize what we have to say by adding “I simply want to be honest.”

Honesty comes in all types of forms.  Another word for this type of honesty that hurts others is simply better called criticism.

Constructive criticism is good whenever it is invited.  Otherwise we risk stepping on other people’s feelings.  Sometimes, I suppose, this is unavoidable.  A wife may ask her husband how she looks in a dress, and at times, it is obvious, she doesn’t really want his real opinion.  However, for most times, saying the wrong thing is simply a matter of not controlling our tongue.

The book of James explains this correctly, but oh, however difficult it is to heed.

In spite of the best available advice given to us from the Bible, we are going to blow it.  And when we blow it we should be quick to jump back into the situation with “I’m sorry.”

Waiting to speak can be difficult at times whenever you’re engage in a good, dynamic conversation.  It is even more difficult when anger is involved.

When anger is involved we are prone to say many things we don’t really mean, and just as important, we say we really do mean.  Both accounts can cause much pain.

When it comes down to it all I’m asking is that we attempt to watch what we say.  We don’t have to be brutal with our words, but agreed—it takes much more work to say what is good.

All habits are difficult to break.  This is true for either a good habit or a bad habit.  Our attempt should be to develop a good habit and that is providing words that build people up rather than tearing them down in destruction.  The bottom line is that it pays to watch your tongue.  Someone just might be really listening.


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