What’s in a Name?


I call my little daughters, Angels.  I call them that because that is what I think of them.  What do people call you?  In popular music, people are often called, “Baby”.  Perhaps people being whimsical, call you a ‘little ****” However, it does make a difference.

Why do we call the young ones pet names, and others that we love and forget to recognize how special others are?

How we speak to other people matters.  At my age, saying ‘yes sir’ wins you many points.

It is even important what we call people we don’t like.  Personally, I am NOT up to date on bigotry so I don’t know what to call those of whom we don’t like, but I’m sure words exist.

Perhaps I am a ****er lover, or a Chink or any other you want to call me.

Most important, is that you love me, no matter my name.

I would hope that I could call you my brother or sister, but more than likely there is too much fear for those words.

When it comes down to the wire, I suppose it doesn’t matter what I call you as long as I am behind you. If at all possible, call me something that gives honor.


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