Lowering Man


Self-help books, sermons abound that attempt to elevate the status of man.  In today’s modern society, man has been elevated to the status of a mini-god with some only separating man from God by designating man’s spelling with a lower-g.

The early church taught that man was separated from God as a result of sin.  Sin isn’t even often spoken anymore by the churches.  Instead we tend to speak in terms of stress, anxieties and impulse personalities.  In short, no matter how bad, how terrible our behavior, the medical society of social psychologists has determined that the origin of that behavior is a result of mental and neurological disorders.

I admit that some behaviors are a result of pressures and our inability to cope with them.  However, I insist that man possesses free-will and bears responsibility for our own actions.

The aspect of elevating man and lowering God is wrong!  We are responsible for our own actions and our bad behaviors are a result of elements that are spurn from the heart.

In this way, not only are we short-circuiting our pathway to God, but also to our fellow man.  In other words, sin (bad behavior) is not only an affront to God, but negative behavior to ourselves and other people is a consequent of that behavior.

Jesus offers a blueprint to positive behavior.  Moreover, this so-called ‘positive’ behavior is more easily translated as Godly behavior.  In its most simplistic nature, we are to love our neighbor as our self. This is NOT complicated.

It follows that the only way one can love himself is first to love God with all our hearts, minds and soul.

Eschewing sin, once a societal virtue, must also be the foundation of our lives.

In eschewing evil, we must admit that we are a sinner and confess our sins, turning to God through Christ.  Obviously, this doesn’t require hundreds of self-help books, it doesn’t involve self-esteem.  It only invokes that we possess a will through Christ to perform that which is right.

Finally, our determination then rests not with exalting men, but with exalting God. The only way you can really exalt God is through the spirit and it is not employed by exalting self, but getting on your knees and lowering yourself to the creator.


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