God is not as abstract as we make him


Many Christians describe an intimacy with God that is often described as a personal relationship.  I don’t challenge what people believe but affirm that God is NOT abstract.  God is definitive as revealed to us through his Son, Jesus, the Christ.

Insomuch that his Holy Spirit dwells in us, the characteristics of God is made manifest into us, his ecclesia or living church. No, this does not make Christians synonymous with our Lord, yet it suggests that the good that dwells within us in in fact, a quality or attribute from God.

While the Christian becomes separated from the flesh, he becomes spirit. This spirit is known by fruits, either good or bad. In this way, we are known by our love to all people.

What happens to if there are no fruits?  In the abstraction of our own acts, how is it we can be known?  This is also to suggest that neither can God be known as we fail to reveal or produce his fruits.

Hence, the abstraction becomes an intellectual, personal pursuit, but fails in proclaiming the Kingdom of our Father and essentially denies that Christ lives in us.

Where it is all so very true that Christ died for our sins, and died for all, it is only those who receive it that inherit his kingdom. And who are those who receive him?  Naturally, of course, it is his ecclesia, his body, his church.

It comes down to this:  there are times when there is only you and you alone before God having been granted assess through Christ was stands in the gap so that God is approachable.  However, Christ’s own commandments are:  Love ye one another as I have loved ye as you love one another.

In so doing, we are no longer abstract, we become tangible.  Insomuch our faith becomes tangible so is evidence we yield about God.

The hard truth is that people really don’t need abstractness when they are in search for God.  They need realness.

God remained in the abstract for centuries to all people until:  I repeat, until Jesus dwelt on this earth and revealed who God was and exposed his nature of love and forgiveness face-to-face.

Consequently, if you possess a personal relationship with Christ, this is good.  However, it is far better that the relationship is shared with others and thus, grows the body of the church through your living testimony.

What I am hammering away about is that the love of our neighbor is the living experience of being a Christian as the immediate and loving spirit of Christ is embraced and engaged by others.  This is how Christianity germinates and spreads to others.

We have books on theology and long suffering prayers.  The living book, the living prayer is on that takes action on our neighbors as it is expressed and lived in love.

Saying this another way is that is a person should seek Christ then they should be able to come to you for you are the adopted child and heir to the throne.

If Christ dwells in you, then why shouldn’t a person approach you?  Your own living example should reflect the Scriptures and the edicts of our Lord Jesus.

Yes, of course, we are not perfect, but our desire should be to point to the perfect one. And aside from being perfect, we should give whatever it is that we have that would be made unto perfection through Christ.

These elements are NOT abstractions.  They are real, honest and tangible qualities.  The world that sees us then judges not so much by our words, but by our deeds.  No, it is not the deeds that save us, but the deeds are that which pronounces our faith in Jesus.

In the absence of deeds, in true expressions of love, all that remains are words. Words alone are in abundant supply and anyone knows it is not enough.

My call to you is to unleash the Christ in you in action. Share your personal relationship not only with Christ himself, but through his Church. The summation of this exercise gives strength to our actions and to others who so desperately need it.

If God is personal it should become personal to all.  If we say we believe, we should make it manifest into the reality of this world.  In loving people, your neighbor, you are loving God.  By expressing love, you are revealing the true nature of God, and in giving to others you are in keeping with the commandments of Christ.  This is how God becomes personal to everyone.  This is the relationship that saves those who need Salvation.


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