Christianity is Not for Everyone!

Many are called, but few are chosen: so this bible parable goes.  Sugar-coating the task of being a Christian is not the way to inspire disciples.  This is best expressed through Christ’s suffering on the cross for our sins.  Albeit, we are told we should also take our cross and follow him!

This is a hard, difficult and profound statement!  When it comes to counting Christians, many are overjoyed in dedication to that declaration.  We say so many were converted and rail in triumphant enthusiasm.

Yes, of course, numbers matter:  what matters more are Christians who are willing to obey his commandments, in acting out of obedience to Him.

Yet, when it came to Jericho and Gideon, numbers failed to matter to God.  In fact, Gideon’s army of 1,000’s was reduced to a mere 300 to demonstrate that it was God, and not man that overcomes.

Luke explains to us that there is the narrow gate in which we must enter.  Most, will go by way of the wide path.  Only a few will remain with the Lord.

Thus, in soliciting people to become Christians it should be our obligation to explain ALL that is required in not only in being a Christian, but in becoming a disciple. The consequences are severe as we are warned that we’d be better off NOT knowing the truth than simply being ignorant.  That means a greater responsibility is placed on Christian and those who claim to represent the Kingdom of Heaven.


Some requirements of Christianity:

Suffering, patience, love, forgiveness, trials, forbearance, a spirit of giving, prayer, worship, sacrifice.  And of course, all of this is followed by joy, peace and happiness, but it follows our obedience to our Lord.

Being a Christian is not like being a member of a Country Club. Surely, there are benefits to being a Christian, yet the highest calling is to follow our Master unto death.  This includes living for the Lord and dying for the Lord.  It is said that no greater love hath a man for a friend than he give up his life for his friend.

In being a Christian, we must answer to this calling.  We must be willing to give up our life to be who we are expected to be as a member of God’s Kingdom.

In deciding if Christianity is for you, one should first be alerted that Christianity is not for everyone.  Only those who are willing to dedicate their entire lives to the Lord should answer to the affirmative.  The net result is that then, we have much more than a Christian, we have a true disciple.


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