We know more than we do


All around us, daily we are surrounded by people and various media bombarding us with advice from the ‘experts.”

We have ‘experts’ in childrearing, education, education, politics, war, disease, mental health, sales, science: in every department you can imagine.

Despite all these geniuses we have looming over us, doesn’t it seem strange that people, the world seem even more screwed up than they have ever been?

The music industry contains wailers that shout out their truths, usually about love or some other facet they know absolutely nothing about.

Books are employed for entertainment for many who are so very lonely and seek an upsurge in perfection.  Still, try as we might, we fall flat.

Don’t you just feel so much more enlightened than you did, say even a mere 20 years ago?  Yes, it is true, I suppose we have many more answers than in the past.  And as much as we have answers, it appears we are short on solutions.

The solution is so clear, yet we deny it in our hearts all the time.  God created us and possesses the solutions.  We beg for more information, when we don’t even study his bible for the many solutions presented.

Matthew 11:16 tells us, “How can I compare this generation.  The children say they played the flute for you yet you did not dance. We mourned for you yet, you did not weep.  Truly, wisdom is justified by her deeds.”

Simply examine our deeds:  selfishness, adultery, murder, creed, lying, and so much more.

When we come to the point when we can admit that in reality we really know very little, ascribe to God as the first step to wisdom, we will come to Jesus who stated that we could nothing without him.

The sad fact, is that we are doing so very little good as a nation.  It follows that Jesus is not with us.


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