A face only a mother could love


We have all heard the expression that someone could have a face that only a mother could love. Of course this is expression reduced to people who are not exactly handsome or perhaps downright homely or ugly.

The truth be known, we as people have the personalities, the defects, the character, only God could love. Admittedly, there are many times when we honestly don’t love other people, and other times we don’t even love ourselves.


It is obvious anyone can love the lovable. The cute, the attractive, the adorable, the rich, the famous, are groups all easy to love.

It is interesting to note, that Christ Roamed with sinners, stating those that are well are not in need of a physician. Jesus love the detestable, the dejected, the poor, the wounded, the sick, the downtrodden, those who are without hope and in need of salvation. This does not mean we have the face as the character who starred in PREDATOR, but it is close.


Most of us in modern America despise the homeless, the beggars, the dirty, the filthy, often blaming victims for their own circumstance. On one hand we praise God for our riches, ask for mercy for forgiveness, yet fail to love others who are less fortunate than ourselves.


While hanging on the cross at Calvary, Jesus had a face that only his father would love. Everyone, all had forsaken him as it was too perilous to love him in front of others. Everyone had gone away. Everyone was in denial. At the moment Jesus became sin, unlovable. In God’s good grace, he forgiveness all even though we nailed him to a cross.


Truly, if our sins were exposed if people upon examination could inspect our motives our deeds and lack of deeds-if they could examine our conscience-if all our imperfections could be examined and transparent the true nature sin would paint the full ugliness of our face. At that point our mothers, even our mothers could not love the reality of our face.


Because of Christ’s suffering and death on the cross-by the shedding of his innocent blood on the cross those who believe in him as a son of God are made unto righteousness, God our heavenly father. Our sins then become erased, and we become acceptable to God because of Christ’s intervention. Christ states we are not guilty and beautiful because of the cleansing agent of the Holy Spirit.


At this point, we have not only a face, but a full body-a character this is loveable to God and his church This facet as provided by Christ is lovable both to the world and to the kingdom of heaven.


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