And we think we have it bad


The bible describes the kingdom of King Solomon and all his wealth.  At the time, aside from the wisest, he was also known as the richest man on earth.

Yet for all the glory of King Solomon, let’s examine these observations:

Although Solomon was richer than either Donald Trump or Bill Gates for his time, he did not have air conditioning, nor  cell phones, modern medicine, electricity, automobiles, air planes, stereos, tvs, vcrs’ dvd’s, computers, video games, baseball, laundry service, dishwashers, fast foods, pizzas, he didn’t have books as we have them nor availability of vast, immediate knowledge, nor space ships, nor lasers, nor the food that we have such as pasteurized milk or microwaved meals.  Yet, Solomon is gloated about in the bible for his wealth. Also, Solomon lacked basic health care as we know it of: vaccinations, anesthetics, vitamins, antibiotics, or sanitized surgeries.

So then, as poor as any of us may be, we probably have more than Solomon had.  Clearly we’re not a Bill Gates, but we still have more.

In personal profile after profile I have read where single people are struggling.  Yes, I struggle as well.  However, we should stop and think about the wealth we possess and the good that we could do with the little wealth at our fingertips. Even the poorest of the poor possesses a smart phone or tv.

There is so much in the activity of giving we could be engaged in rather than our constant complaining.  We are now all Solomons, maybe not In glory but certainly in material riches..  We could be written about.  I think what is left is what they would write about us.

Are we giving, or are we selfish?  Do we hoard and wait for more or take advantage of the material goods that we have?

No matter how little we have, I’m sure that Solomon, if he could see us now, would envy us.  In fact, I think he’d be downright jealous.


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