So you think you are a loser


Chances are you probably think this is going to be another pep talk about how to get back on the road to being a winner.  Nope.

Truthfully, I haven’t much to say to someone who has already given up.  But, by and large many people haven’t given up, but they do in fact get beaten down time and time again.  Most people are not rich and famous and many are only common ordinary men and women.

Too, most people are not geniuses, not exceptionally gifted nor are they headed for greatness by any standards of this world.  In fact, most will do good to pay their bills, raise a family and struggle with day to day living.

Out of all of this, people become broken:  people become tired, sick:  they lose a loved one:  we fail and more often than not, we become side-tracked.

Often, with struggling with our failures we sin-we do things for the simple reason not to feel any more.  We castigate ourselves, down our self and mope around within a pit of guilt and lack of hope, purpose or goodness.

The good news is that Jesus came to earth for people just like this.  He came here for you.  He came here for me to let us know in spite of our weaknesses, he loves us.

This is powerful:  The Son of God loves us when mostly we find that we don’t even love ourselves. Despite our bitterness, our guilt, our lack, our hopelessness-the fact we become pathetic, God, through Christ loves us.

Are you a loser?  God loves you.  Are you a failure?  God loves you.  Have you been sidetracked?  God loves you.

Turn to Jesus and ask Him to bring you up, to lift you up out of your sea of despair.

At the end of all of this:  will you become a winner?  Probably not by the standards of this world.  Yet, by the saving grace of Jesus, you’ll become a member of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thus, the call is for the loser.  The call is for the broken hearted.  The call is for those who are in dire straits and have no way to go but up-with the help of God.

A winner or loser means nothing to God.  The first one now shall later be last, so it means it is important only that Christ knows your name and your name is written in the Book of Life.

Join the flock of losers who transcend the elements of defeat.  Listen to the beckon call of God through his Son, the Christ to be Saved.  The past is forgiven.  Today and tomorrow belong to you in the kingdom of god.




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