God’s last name is not Damn


Aside from the all too popular expression commonly attributed to God, the fact is:  God is not God’s name at all.  The word, God, is a position and not a name at all.  Must like here in America we have a president—the term, president is a position and not a name.  Even if we were to say, Mr. President—in this situation, the name is in reference to a position of honor as opposed to a name per se. This honorary name is reserved even for past presidents or say even: governors with titles such as: governor.  Idiomatically, we don’t say, Mr. Governor or Mrs. Governor, but simply as Governor either present or past.

Rather oddly, in the beginning as established with the relationship of the ancient Hebrews, people made reference to God as simply I Am.  In fact, God’s name was not to be spoken at all:  it was forbidden.

Without this article going into the more common names reserved for God, it should be pointed out that some websites reveal an extensive list of over 900 names that point to the name of God in his position in the scriptures.

Admittedly, one simple name for God would indeed seem to reduce His wonderful magnificence. Personally, I love the Hebrew name of Elohim as it seems to be a peaceful name: This name not only reflects a masculine name but also permits a plural form as well.

No, matter to most of us: as our Heavenly Father is special by any other name and whenever we call out to him, he knows our voice and our spirit. In like manner, God’s Son, Jesus possesses many wonderful names as well. And when it comes to Christians who call out to these positions:  these names provide, hope and comfort as we know we address the supreme authority of the universe.  We should speak and call out to them often.



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