So God speaks to you


For some Christians, their biggest claim is that God speaks to them.  Most common is the book of Joel that announces dreams and visions for distant future generations.  Job is big on God speaking in dreams and in visions and in similar manner, Habakkuk was forsworn to write and inscribe said dreams issued by the creator.

It is good if you say that God speaks to you.  I say that it is so much better if you speak to others through your actions. It is vis-a-vis your actions that permits God to speak to them.  Our living testament then becomes the mirror or at least the image an unbeliever learns from our Lord and Master. Thus, though our example, we as Christians become a living document, the same as the living spirit of God that dwells in us.

Once again, our word and our deeds as Christians should match.  Truthfully, there is nothing intellectual about this.  Either we are what we say we are, or we are not.

Non-Christians pick up on this in a heartbeat.

As sad as it is, there are even Christian groups for a stated deposit and for so much money over a period of months and at times, years will teach the normal activities that we Christians should be performing daily. This is horrible.  What is it that a Christian somehow is going to do so-called good and have their hand in your back pocket?

Christianity is NOT a product: it is not a goods and services.  Christianity is not package you can market, produce and sale for a fee.

Either you possess the power of the Holy Spirit or you don’t.  If one is going to teach it to you, they must teach by spiritual example, not by intellectual inquiry alone.

Finally, the message here is not that it is either or, that one activity is more important than the other.  Yet, this message addresses the idea of priority.  The priority is one that conveys edification to the church as a whole and to speak to the unbelievers.  To that effect, then the message of salvation becomes our chief responsibility for it places their needs ahead of our own.

The relationship with God, I believe is best met by service to the brethren.  It is in this way that God speaks to the entire world, by we, the Christian.


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