Send All Your Money to Me!


Every now and then some so-called ‘Profit’ turns up predicting the end of the world.  For whatever reason, and convenient enough, some want you to sell all your stuff and send the money to them.  They tell you, you don’t need the money and stuff because the world is going to end.  Naturally, this doesn’t explain why they need the money, but those are the usual instructions.

Other Profits love to cite, Malachi 3:8-10 and ask, “Will a man rob God?”  They cite the other part of the passage and announce that somehow you are robbing God by not tithing.  Never mind the fact they fail to mention that the passage was directed to the PRIESTS from the tribe of Levi, but none of that makes any difference because the want your money.

Sending your money to them disregards several other factors about tithing:  The first is that money was not part of the equation, almost forbidden except in unusual circumstances and then you had to pay a penalty. The second aspect is that tithing was 1/10th of the increase per year, not monthly or gross or net.

Prosperity preachers teach to multiply by 10s as illustrated by Luke 6:38, disregarding any other time when they want to tell you that Christians are not bounded by the law and in this instance, Christ was clearly speaking to the Jews who were bounded.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give, that you shouldn’t support the church.  To the contrary.  Paul left ample instructions in accordance to giving, and we should take and run with it.  We should be cheerful givers, should give with love and out of our abundance, but without the expectations pronounced by modern evangelists as often viewed on TV. Somewhere along the line, Jesus taught a more selfless love, a love that better emulates the love within our Lord.

Aside from all of this:  many churches in their non-profit status offer all types of goods and services, all for a price-of course. One could turn to the passage where Christ confronts the money changers, but then again, we have our own today.  Even one church that I know has its own ATM machine at the narthex of the church.

It appears to me if one really wanted to give, and give big to include the organized church:  one must also step outside of the church and give directly as well to God’s people.

Our attention then should be on motive and substance:  In the interlude, we would also concentrate on the difference between a Profit and a true Prophet of God.  More or less, the latter will NOT involve money at all.

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