Join the Hypocrites


Lately I think Christians have more or less received a bad rap.  In more than one way, it is pointed out that Christians are often not able to perform that which is believed by the Christian faith.

Do you think it is easy?

Matthew 5:44

43“You have heard that it was said, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR and hate your enemy.’44“But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

Come on now.  This is not exactly a piece of cake. Loving those who harm or hate you is more than a supernatural feat, and yes, at times, this can be done and even tried by many a
Christian, but not easily accomplished.  At times, this may even be impossible by any human norm.

Or another found in Mark 12:31 to “…love your neighbor as yourself.”  Anyone alive knows there are times when it is most difficult even to love yourself, much less your neighbor.  If your own needs are pending, then of course, it is hard to think outside of yourself.  Nonetheless, Christians often give outside of their self even when a personal loss is the outcome.

In Matthew 5:39 and also in Luke 6:29 Christians are instructed to turn the other cheek.  There are times when this fails to happen, but then again, often when it does.  Another most difficult accomplish that requires supernatural intervention.

We can look at the instruction to the rich young ruler who was told to divided all his wealth and give it to the poor:  (No, he did not do this), but then again, who could argue that Christians are not the most generous people in the world?  Christians all over the world give generously to many others who are in need all the time.

Two other elements are critical to the Christian experience.  Those involve love and forgiveness.  Within these commandments, we find that the Christian must perform service to others rather than seek out that commodity for themselves.  And yes, Christians give much of their time, talents and substance to others who benefit from this kindly gestures.

Therefore then, are Christian HYPOCRITES?  Of course, we are!  Out of devotion to Christ, Christians attempt to perform the impossible. By definition then, Christians are hypocrites of the highest order as we are unable many times to perform to the maximum of our beliefs.

As a consequence, should Christians not bother to fulfill the commandments of our Lord, Jesus?  Of course not!  Yes, Christians should continue to attempt to perform the impossible, and also continue to induce others to follow the discipleship of Christ. In short, anyone who thinks being a Christian is easy is welcome to provide an example in leadership.  To the betterment of all people, and to our Christ, we ask you also to join us as hypocrites.  The world will be a better place as a result.  We can attempt to do the impossible together!


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