God & Man as the Singular Organism


Once Christ established his premise of the church based on Faith, he explained his relationship to man on earth as a servant.  In this respect, he also erected himself as the head of his church with the rest of his believers as additions, members and even spoke of his Christian disciplines as friends.

The point here is that there is unification among Christians in respect to standing in God’s Kingdom. A oneness exists as one complete organism.  What’s important here is that the organism, the entity is alive, not something merely of the distant past.

Therefore, those who embrace Jesus as the Savior, are permitted access to God, the Father, but of course, are subject to Christ and his system of elders as we work out our path of salvation with each other for a positive future.

This means, that we don’t wait until entering heaven prior to embracing the qualities of the Spirit World, but are fully expected to participate in it now, here in the flesh while awaiting the ultimate life eternally in heaven for believers.

As in ancient days of the tabernacle, there was one entrance pathway to approach God, now one pathway through Christ is provided for a living pathway for our concerns and fellowship with God.

Yes, too, as Paul spoke, we are to contribute via our spiritual gifts, one to another, but as Paul also spoke, this is all part of a body that gravitates around a whole, which is the Church through Jesus as the Head of his spiritual body.

Again, the wonderful news is that this process is alive, vibrant and fully accessible to believers, the only requirement which is belief through the element of Faith. Returning to God then only means that we must engage ourselves within the body of Christ to experience the reality of his wonderful gift, the church.

Consequently, our announcement to the world is that not only is God alive, but too, his Son and his Holy Spirit as it is revealed and shared to others through his brethren, the Church. It is then with great comfort that we are active and then rested with the assurance that all that we do is with God’s great kingdom in mind.  Through this, we are to obey the words of Christ-and the greatest is to love our God with all our heart, all our mind and all our soul—and to love our neighbor as our self.  The eventuality of this effort is the oneness with others and with God.


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