Life in Eden


The whole concept of life beginning in a garden is a fascinating brain storm from God Almighty.

In the beginning, the entire proposal to man was life and a prosperous, joyful life.  Evidence of coexisting life was the garden filled with greenery, flora, plants, fruits and animals of every kind.  A special firmament ‘fed’ the environment with water where apparently, rain was not necessary.  Producing food required no resistance as God had amble supplies to furnish all man’s needs.

When I tend to my gardens, I’m always amazed at the creation process and how life is the end product, or at least the desired result.  Sometimes, there are mishaps and the opposite occurs and the flowers die.

While out camping I look to the expanse of God’s universe to discover life and awe at the handiwork of our creator’s craftsmanship.  And as much as I love to gaze at God’s physical scenery, the real life should be focused on his primary creation, the creation of man.

Sadly, both sin and death came by route of Eden.  Since then, often when we examine mankind, we see death, disease, riots, mayhem, war and every known form of vice.

God intended we have life and after we ruined that, he sent his son.

Everything about Jesus vibrates life.  Christ provides life through forgiveness, renewal, love, tenderness, joy, happiness: he provides peace through the core of our spirit, or soul and spares us from our only true just reward which is death.

Jesus said that he came in order for us to have life and have it more abundantly.  All he asked is that we believe on him and follow his commandments.  I think if one word had to sum up Jesus, that word would be “Healing.”  For Christ provides a living potion that heals, that regenerates, that grows and benefits all people.

Today, rather than botanicals, we should be harvesting people.  People are the treasures of life that reflect God’s kingdom.  In today’s world, our own setting is the new Garden of Eden.  If we give, then we see that life resound, echoing it’s goodness all over the universe for the entire world to see.  As Christ gave us, we too should give to others, freely.  At that point, we step out of the sanctity of the Garden to embrace all of God’s universe as it was meant to give life to all who are willing to accept it. As with any new growth experience, it is all about life.  Join this paradise of Eden now, today.

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