We are Nobody


Jesus said that the least of these would be the greatest.  In a very real way, most of us are not Donald Trump or really anyone considered to be of any real consequence.  We are simple minded, ordinary people: that is all.

Meeting us would be just like meeting anyone else.  We are ordinary, normal people who care about others and who love Jesus that is all that may be different about us. However, that does not mean you are NOT important.

The truth of it is: you are more than likely to assist or to acknowledge me than any of those others.  You are more than likely to meet me on the streets and say hello to me.

And in my time of need:  you probably would be the one that would know me at all.

To that effect, I am glad you are no one.  I am glad that you don’t matter, for you matter to me.

You matter insomuch that you are willing to give yourself, your time to me.  You matter for you expose yourself to me and to others.  You matter, for you are real enough to be real in a time of our world where there are so many phonies.

You are not phony, you are real. And you are real because you give of yourself.  And since you give what is real that merit is counted to your favor and to my good.  For what you gave what you give, is real and assists me.

Because you considered yourself small, you had the time to give to me, to know me. Because of that, I loved you and love who sent you.  And who sent you is beyond saying, for it is obvious.  It is God through his Son, the living Christ. Thank you, for being nobody but everyone that is important.  The world is better off because of you!


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