Not everyone should be a Christian

The consequences of being a Christian can at times be severe.  Attempting to conciliate ourselves with others on a gentle path can have unintended effects:  Luke 6:26  In essence this verse speaks of us as partners with society, spoken well of, well fed, etc.  Jesus warns that it was the same with the ancient prophets that were all betrayed by those of whom found grace within the community.

Then again, 2 Peter 2:21 also announces a caution:  We are warned that for those of us who found the path of righteousness would be better off not to have found it as opposed to finding the truth and then turning our backs on the gospel.

In a nutshell, Christianity are for those who love the Lord, love the reason he came on this earth in the flesh, died for our sins and arose after 3 days.  By our faith and belief, we believe we should attempt all the impossible tasks Jesus commanded us to do.

The truth of it is:  Often, many people are despicable, Some people are so horrible they seem impossible to love or to forgive, Some people are really self-serving, selfish pain in the necks and miserable to be around.

Some are liars, thieves, murderers, sex offenders, human traffickers, convicted felons, and the list goes on and within all of these confines, we as Christians are called to love them as we love ourselves.

It doesn’t mean we are going to be perfect in all of this or even in most of it:  it simply means were are to try with all that we have to bring this all to pass, knowing that Christ’s ultimate love for us surpasses any we could even possess.

Thus, knowing that our situation appears hopeless to the casual observer, many if not most peoples should never proclaim themselves as Christians. Nothing in life should be approached without first counting the cost.  If the cost is too high, then a person should stay away from it, and even perhaps run away from Christianity.



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