God Is Not An Attorney


While God is in fact the ultimate judge, he is not an attorney.  Okay, we can agree he does have a set of 10 mere rules, but that’s not exactly a law book.

And yes, we are expected to keep and maintain a set of rules, but this is also expected for our obedience out of the spirit of the law and not by the letter.

In reference to the law, we are all guilty as all have sinned and would fall under the penalty of the law (death) except for the fact we were ransomed by Jesus on the Cross who paid the penalty for us.

Anyone who attempts to do the right thing can easily be trapped within the confines of the law.  This is easy to do.  We become so regimental we forget the focus of our own actions.  More importantly, not only do we become focused on the do’s and don’ts we also zoom in on others and begin to judge them.  None of this is good, as our tendency is to think that we are the only people who are either saved or good and that others are somehow less that we are.

At this point, it is really good that God in NOT an attorney, for since he loves us he generally will correct us and once again steer us on the correct path.

As a result of sin, the breaking of God’s law:  we feel guilty or at least should feel guilty of unrepentant wrongs.

Often, the Holy Spirit will convict one of sin and always forgiving, directs the person toward the throne of God.

Striving above the law results in forgiveness.  Forgiveness is necessary for ourselves and for others.  To focus on the law—requires penalty.

In searching for God we are many times driven to ask for justice over whatever situation we are enduring.  Yet, when it comes to our own judgment, do we want justice or do we hope for mercy? Of course, our plea is for mercy and God’s loving heart is forever willing to grant it.

So therefore, in our petitions to God- we should always be thankful, we should recognize God’s Sovereignty and righteousness.  We should also be humble, always recognizing that thank Goodness, God is not a lawyer.  He is our Supreme Creator who intends not the exactness of the law, but that of forgiveness.


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