Two Unwritten Words in the Bible

On the last page of the Bible, two words should be inserted for the Christian believer.  These two words affirm the entire reason, the endurance trial of being a Christian at all.  For yes, in the very course of our lifetime it does appear that evil wins more often than not.  It appears that death conquers the last breath of the best of us and that the harshness of the day-to-day living travails dominate the souls of countless, endless saints for no good reason other than to suffer.

Where we pray for mercy we see serious injury.  Where we seek forgiveness among ourselves, we experience and endure strife, envy, jealously and mayhem. Sickness destroys entire families and then there is pestilence, more violence, disease, war, robberies, vengeance through hate and even more destruction when none was required at all.

Oh, the virtues of Christian living for we seek so high and examine all the lowly rewards produced by man.  It is often so opposite for which we have yearned. There is painful, hurtful words:  divorce, rivalry, greed, and of course, there is always rebellion.

We endure ridicule for more often than not we are less powerful than the rulers of this world.  Our words seem silly, callow and ring a hollow clamor about them.  And in the absence of self, we point to our Savior, the Christ.

It is here that we declare the open truth:  that death does not rule anymore, and that the rule of Christ, the righteous king will right all that was wrong.

Because of faith that one innocent man, the only innocent man shed blood on the cross for the salvation of our sins, proclaim another act, that this same man, the Son of God rose again from the death after three days and conquered the power of death, Satan and his kingdom.

Because of this, we should write two more words on the back of the Bible:  words that congeal with the promise of the Holy Spirit that we will enter eternal life as we believe in our Lord, Jesus the Christ.

In the end, it does in fact come down to two words:  as for me, I’m writing them down now and urge you to do the same.  In the end of the Christian Saga: the victory is stated by two words:

We Win!

Two powerful words promised in the Bible.  Only then is it over.



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