In The absence of the Scriptures

In the absence of the scriptures, we’d have only personal introspections of our Lord. We should be so grateful for we have what the apostles don’t have, the scriptures to keep us in line. No, the testaments aren’t perfect, but at least we get a glance of what our Lord said.

Even today, when all the evangelists say what they say, we have the scriptures to go back to.  Thank God, for the scriptures.

Because of the scriptures:

We know who Christ is.

We know what he said and what he did.

We know he was sent as the Son of God

And died for our sins, rose on the third day and walked among men.\

Because of the scriptures, we know right from wrong.

We know sin.

We know goodness.

More importantly, we Know Jesus, the Son of God.

Moreover, because of you, you have chosen to reveal Him.

For in the absence of the Scriptures, or you,

We have nothing.

Thank God for you and the Scriptures that give testimony to Him.


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