More Than We Are

The promises of the Bible are magnificent, grand, and at times beyond whatever the human imagination can conceive. For one, we are promised a new nature, inheritors of the Kingdom of God and also, equally important, to be children of God.
In this continence, as children, we, through the Holy Spirit that dwells within us, are to reflect the identical characterizes, properties of God through his Son, the Christ. In like manner, then, we are to reflect, love, forgiveness, patience, service to others, kindness, long suffering and a host of other attributes.
In reality, anyone knows at many times, we are far removed from any of those particular virtues. The question then becomes as to why.
Where all of the above yet, is that yes, we are children. And as children we are still in the stages of growth. It simply means:: we are not there yet.
Basically, it is more than what we are.
It means that we are human, that we err and at other times grow apathetic or even at other times, ignorant of what to do.
It means that while we are not perfect, we are to strive to perfection even as our Father in Heaven is perfect.
It means our action and conduct should reflect the values of which we say we believe. And truthfully speaking, most times, we are not. Too, we continue to sin.
The difference should be that we are not lovers of sin, nor seek out to do so. It should be our desire instead to copy our Master, Jesus as he walked on the face of this earth. Using Jesus as an example of God personified, we then attempt, with his help to emulate his actions and conduct.
No matter what we do, it will never be unto perfection as we are not perfect in this world. Thus, we strive for that perfection understanding as humans no matter what we do, it will fall short to the standards of God.
In the meanwhile, our persona as Christians should be different from the world. We should not mirror actions of the world, but that of Christ. Whenever we cease to do so, we become hypocrites insomuch we can succumb to the world and get to the point where we do not care.
The order then is to obey: we are to attempt to obey that we Love one Another even as He loved us.
In the process of attempting to do so and as we evaluate what and who we are-we should realize that it is all more than what we are.


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