Personal Relationship

Much is said about possessing a personal relationship with God. I believe anyone can realize this is much easier said than done.
With any relationship certain covenants exist that define the terms of that relationship. In the case of being a Christian, it requires, belief or faith and most of all, obedience which is subject to Christ who holds the Lordship over his church.
Let’s examine what this means in practical terms. For one, we’d all agree that Christ in the flesh is no longer with us. More importantly, we should agree that once Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice on the Cross via his blood atonement, died was buried and was raised from the dead, as promised, on the day of Pentecost, he sent his Holy Spirit to dwell in us as his followers.
Hence, logic dictates to gain the full power of Christ, it is a corporate effort. In a word, it means we are subject to Christ’s body, his church that combines his spirit with ours with Christ as the head of that body.
Paul likens this as a marriage. In any marriage as defined by Paul, there is a mutual aim or purpose for existence.
The key to this is existence, for if your husband or wife were not alive, one or both are discharged from whatever covenant agreement that was entered. The same is true with Christ. Christ lives through his Holy Spirit that dwells in all his church Christian members and thus exists because of it.
This means if Christ is to be alive in this world, it should be a direct reflection from his church. That reflection is exemplified by the nature of his love. Thus, in following the commandment of Christ, we, through obedience personify the very nature of God himself as taught by his Son, Jesus.
It also means that the celebration of God through the world is done via his entire body, the Church and by that manifestation of His Holy Spirit, He is known to the rest of the world.
Summing this up: Christ exists in this world because we the church proclaim it, live it and give testimony to it by our actions and words that mirror each other to a perfection.
The personal relationship with God comes as a result of direct interaction of us, one to another as our Holy Spirit embraces others.
What is important about this mystery is simple enough: Attempting to believe in a God who was way up there: ethereal and away from us was impossible. The very fact that God Cared enough to send his only Son to walk the face of the earth for us, to live for us and also, to die for us separates myth from reality.
The same is true for the church, the Christian. If we walk on this earth with the same attributes, the identical qualities of Jesus, then today’s world also bears witness to God’s love for us.
Without this effort, without this witness, there is no Christ, there is no God and God’s kingdom remains elusive for those who seek his face.

God is NOT way up there. He is down here with us, through us: not because of us, but because of his Son, Jesus the Christ. Loving one another as we were commanded to do is why there is a personal relationship here with God and people. When we exercise those same principles to others, God also, through Christ becomes alive to them.


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