Will You Also Go Away?

In John 6:67 wonderful times had turned into perilous times. Jesus, confronting his closest disciplines asks a painful and pondering question. At first we could introspect the question to ask if Christ was surprised by his follower’s actions. But, then again, the more likely explanation is that Christ was really attempting to forlorn his disciplines to the eventual conclusion of friendship until after his execution and then brief return, and finally, the day of Pentecost.
As we look at this passage, more than likely we’d be no different than those who failed Jesus at his most critical trials. We’d like to think we wouldn’t but human nature dictates that we would.
We are no better than the temperament of Peter or any of the others. When times are good, we roll with the punches, but when times toughen up, we identify our real goals and personal agendas.
We all know and have experienced ‘good time’ friends. Heck, at some point, maybe we have been that good time friend until events change and we sober up.
Jesus asked “What person builds a house without considering the cost?”.
In this sense, we should count of cost of being a Christian. The truth is: most of us are NOT willing to pay the price. We like to entertain the idea, but deep down, we love the elements of the world more than we do a God that we cannot see, or a Jesus that died 2,000 years ago.
Some of us could ask our own friends, or members of our own household if they would also go away. It could confound us to learn that in reality many of our friends have never really been with us and even some members of our own family deserted us long, long ago.
So then, we realize there are moments of good times when everyone seems behind us; and then again, moments when we evaluate our situation when the cheering stops.
In those moments, it is probably already too late. There is no need to ask if those who say they love us will also go away. They have long since, already been gone.


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