The First One Now Shall Later Be Last

Matthew 20:16
This ambiguous statement means so much depending on how you might interpret it. At least, for those who are at the bottom, the great news is that wait-in the time to come, all shall be acknowledged and brought to the top.
This makes sense for truly, anyone in heaven has achieved greatness in itself by simply being there.
Looking at the prior parable, one might think Jesus was talking about the differences between Jews and Gentiles, that with the advent of Christ, the Gentiles are to inherit all that was promised to his ‘chosen people’ the Jews.
Notwithstanding, at least the statement means a change is going to occur, one with great overtures.
So then, perhaps for those of us who are not great here on earth, by merely being in the presence of God, we are brought into greatness.
For those who feel they are of no consequence or seem small in earthly terms, this is a magnificent hope.
It doesn’t matter that you are on one here on earth. This life is short and temporal. The hereafter, the life in heaven is a life eternal. What matters is that our name is written in the book of life and that a place is there for us.
A place is there in our Father’s mansion for Jesus told us he had to go there to prepare a place for us.
When all is said and done: that is all that matters. We are here now, but there forever. What a wonderful hope!
And when life has you down, where you are feeling you are crawling around in the mire: that you’re worthless to yourself and others: remember: you have great value to God.
Far, far more promises are offered to us. All is required is simply that we believe. Truly, God is a magnificent God. Thank you, Jesus for all you have given. What a blessed name.


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