You Shall Know the Truth

“You Shall know the Truth and The Truth shall Set You Free.” One of the greatest questions asked by Pilate was what is truth?
Needless to say, Pilate was staring right at the truth. In this sense, we are speaking of the Greek use of the word—used in a sense of greater than mere reality, but spiritual truth.
The greatest aspect of this is that in knowing Truth which was Christ we are able also to know God. We can know God as we learn the Character of God because of his Son, the Christ.
In knowing the truth: we learn
Love, forgiveness, patience, salvation, eternal life, healing, gentleness, we even come to know sin as the separation of God.
In knowing the character of Christ we learn that love and not injury is the first concern of our Creator. We also learn the act of giving as God gave his Son, his life for our on the Cross, so that we can be forgiven and be received into his kingdom forever.
Knowing the Truth means that God forgives us, that he desires our company and our obedience to him with his church as Jesus at the head.
We learn that God’s ways are the opposite of our own. We learn that our desires are generated out of our won corrupted hearts and thus, must learn we must lean on Him to provide the true divine nature of Righteousness and Holiness.
We learn to disavow hate and instead to perform the impossible, to love. We learn that God, as our Father really cares for us and wants the best for us.
And in all of that, we also learn how much we fail, and must rely on Him to offset our own inadequacies.
As a Christian it means I must love and be close to you. It means as a brother I must seek the Christ through the Holy Spirit that dwells in you to see perfection.
Knowing the Truth means we have been set free from ourselves and too, from the terrible, permanent sting of death for Christ conquers all, was raised from the dead for us to follow.
Knowing the Truth means we are changed. It means there is no way a person can embrace all that is good and remain the same. To all of this, we should seek to emulate Him and in emulating Him we are also brought to the audience of our Father.
Clearly, Christ spoke the Truth when he declared himself as the Son of the Living God.
There is no time such as now to meet the Truth. The conclusion is to be set free.


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