The Power of Death

From the onset of the original sin, death was promised as a result of pronounced disobedience by the one man, Adam. Obviously, Adam didn’t die immediately, but eventually he met his fate, the same as the rest of us in due time.
In the beginning It was the intent of God for man to live forever, but as a result of Adam and Eve running afoul, we were stuck with a curse, the certainty of death.
In Matthew 10:28 we are warned: And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
My point is that unlike that which is commonly believed, it is not Satan who holds the keys to death, but it is our creator and our creator even from the beginning.
The story doesn’t end here: Jesus came to save us from this curse and performed a victory over the power of death. “Oh, death, where is thy sting?”
Consequently, because of Jesus, while we still come under the power of the curse, we are also redeemed from its permanence. As Jesus, we are promised eternal life, rising from the grave because Christ became the ultimate sacrifice for our total sins.
Thus, the complete power of death no longer is to be held over our heads. As believers, we are expected to believe the promise that those who are the followers of Christ will at long last, meet up with Jesus and the Father in Heaven.
The key to this expectation is faith: To be clear: death is all around us. Any sane person believes in the absolute death of death. Conversely, possessing faith, the belief in Christ unto salvation is the task before us.
In this respect, faith then defies logic. Logic dictates the finality of death. Anyone who has experience the loss of a loved one knows the grief from the absence from those we hold dear.
Yet Christ gave the greatest gift when he laid down his own life for our benefit. He paid the ultimate price, his life so that we may live.
By this process we have hope beyond this life, beyond the grave to spend eternity with God and all those other saints that followed him. The power of death no longer controls us. All Glory to God and His son for this present free of charge. Christ is Lord of all!


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