When prayer is not enough

What do you do when after all your prayers, you don’t find your answer? The answer is: you are screwed. Why lie about the almighty? There are many times when we simply don’t know. Yes, those of the cloth will come up with something, but the truth is: we simply don’t know.
I have prayed and have friends die in my arms. Heck. I simply don’t know.
What is the purpose of over promising, of stating that which is not. There is no reason except to lie.
The book of John reminds us that the world hated Jesus before it hated us. When there are questions of God that we don’t know we shouldn’t say that we do.
Simply there are times when we don’t understand. That is all there is to it.
For those who give a terse reply and quote a single scripture to comfort us. They mean well, but the truth is: they don’t know any more than we do.
When replying to your brothers, to or friends: as Christians: don’t lie. Don’t sugar coat the truth. There are many times when we simply don’t understand.


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