The Humanity of Jesus

One often overlooked fact is that Jesus came to this earth in the flesh as a fully developed human. It might be easily said that for Him to overcome temptation was an easy matter, but with a human mind, human emotions, it was probably even more difficult as he had direct access to his father and his father’s mind.
Luke’s account tell us that Jesus tells his disciples to buy swords, but then they produced two which he says is enough.
When Peter produces a sword at the Garden of Gethsemane, cuts off an ear, Jesus heals the ear and tells Peter to put away the sword.
Perhaps earlier, the human side of Jesus begs God to conquer the oppressors of the time, yet, Jesus also states that God’s will be done and not his.
In other words, Jesus was tempted. Easily, he could have proclaimed himself King of the Earth and established himself at the moment, only he didn’t yield to this temptation and suffered the consequences of crucifixion for the sake of mankind. This was a most difficult decision. As a man, he knew all could be ended easily by his spoken word, yet instead, Jesus trusted his Father and His Father’s decision to decide how it would be ended.
And this is one major difference between the Son of Man and Us. We probably would have been eager to have done it our way. In the End, the glorious Savior, the Son of Man, the Christ chose to die so that all might live. Praise be his Holy Name, the Christ.


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