The Scriptures without Paul

Over 70% of the New Testament have been attributed to Paul the Apostle. Anyone with any bible studies knows Paul didn’t write all the scriptures attributed to him.
As importantly, or even more importantly, it seems rare that sermons are preached on the very words that Christ is known to have preached.
There seems a concentration on the Old Testament, Paul and the Book of Revelation. As important as all these books are: I suggest we look at what Christ had to say.
In particular, Christ proclaimed himself as the Son of God, the Son of Man, and as He who gave Life.
Christ told us to forgive, to love, to yield, to perform services to others. In short, he proclaimed that we should reduce ourselves in or to be great with or among God.
Paul has his stripes and for that, I read every word that he says: Yet, it was Christ that died for our sins.
For those of us, we await for the return of our Lord, the Christ. In Paul, he grants us understanding. In the absence of Paul, we have our Savior who stands alone on the cross, who died, and who arose after three days.
Aside from Paul, I see where there is no way I can do what Christ has commissioned with all his ways. I gain hope, that all things are possible with God. In Paul, I am granted an explanation.


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