The Cross

The issue at Easter is not whether or not God is alive, but the significance of His Son, Jesus who died on the Cross. Moreover, even more important than the Cross, is its total significance: what happens later: his miraculous rising from the dead.
Debating the horrendous treatment, crucifixion of many Jews and rebellious groups by the Romans is more than well document. Those things happened, often unto thousands.
Thus, dying on the Cross is one sacrifice the Christ made for us, but the hope is that his promise for eternal life was made sealed with his reappearance from the grave after three days.
Anyone knows these events happened a long time ago, around 2,000 years ago. For this day, and as a monument to Christ who established His church we should testify today that His spirit is demonstrated even today by virtue of the Holy Spirit that dwells in his church members.
Not only is it important that Christ, an innocent man died for us, but that now: all of the world should now see God because of us. How is this possible?
Actually, there is nothing strange about this. Christ was our example: in obedience to his Word we should be beacons of light by word and by action. The two should flow together. There should be nothing unnatural about this and all that we do should also be in accordance with what Christ said and did when he was present on this earth.
So then: what should we say and do?
We should Forgive and teach forgiveness
We should love and teach love
We should love our neighbor as our self and teach the same
We should seek justice, mercy, kindness, possess a sense of giving, caring, and teach the same.
Our natural characteristics should be one that loves our God with all our heart, mind, body and soul. And we should teach the same.
Somewhere in celebrating Easter, we should remember why our Lord saved us to begin with. However, one thing is not in dispute: because of our sinful ways, Christ at least offered salvation for those who abandoned their natural selves and those who desired a new spirit, one after God. We call those people Christians.


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