Forgiveness Among Those Who Are Unloveable

When it comes to the ex-felons and sex offenders in this society, there is not much forgiveness. When Christians hail the fact that the tenet of their faith encompasses forgiveness, it is withheld among those two groups and of course, among others.
If the truth were known many of us would be charged with a crime only we were never found out.
And thus we ask the question: what is greater among a Christian: Justice or Mercy? Certainly, the champion among Christians would desire Mercy. Especially when it comes to our own fate.
When we want people to change and then change the rules for them: we make it impossible for one to gain a job or even live in a particular neighborhood, where is the forgiveness, the new chance?
Folks. This is what forgiveness is all about. I charge that if you can’t forgive them, when then, do you expect God to forgive you?
In Christianity, if you commit one sin you are guilty of them all. And the wages of Sin is death.
How much so, then are we to forgive even as our Lord has forgiven us?
Bring it to your heart to forgive. Bring it to task to actively reach out to those who desire a new life in Christ the same as you and me.
Before throwing stones, examine your own life and see where you might be charged.
If there are those among you who are sinless, then I’ll listen to you.
My encouragement to you is to: Forgive.


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