You Are Not Perfect

Recognizing that we are sinners is the first step in coming to God. Being a sinner simply means that you are human. You were born that way. It doesn’t mean you are to stay that way, but only that you were born in to sin because of Adam, the first man.
The second Adam, Jesus provides an exit from sinner into forgiveness. Insomuch we are called out of sin, we are to become like Jesus as much as possible.
Jesus, an innocent man, came to the earth in the flesh so that he might dwell with people like you and me. He forfeited his life so that we might live beyond the grave.
Yet another important feature of Christ coming to earth is that we might begin the new life here while still in our flesh. This is only a beginning.
In reality there has only been one true Christian, and that was Jesus the Christ. We are to attempt to be like him, but this is in fact, not attainable.
To sin simply means to miss the mark. Clearly, we are to aim for the target which is righteousness, but because of our inherited flaws, we miss more often than not.
Aiming for the mark is our efforts to strive to be holy. Yet, holy we are not. In this regard, in particular, it would seem those who teach to be holy are more holy than the rest. This is simply not true. More than likely, no one is more holy than you.
Much guilt is experienced by those who feel others are better than themselves. However, in standing before Christ, we are all sinners, made clean only because of Him standing in the Gap before our glorious Creator.
Other than attempting to do what is right, we have the scriptures to guide us. Beyond that, most of us really don’t know and must rely on faith.
Don’t let anyone claim to know, for they don’t. They too, must rely on faith for all of that which is not explained, and much is simply not known.
When it all comes out in the wash, I am the same as you. I believe, I act and then again I pray the same as you. Yet, I don’t know any more than the next guy. My faith also must be what sustains me. Between now and then at the end, we rely on our savior and our friend, the Christ.


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