Not all is Good

My own community is probably similar to many in the American South. Church after church is laced together that spreads for miles. The many churches are a testament to the thriving faith of believers in America today.
However good this is: it seems odd that crime, apathy and godlessness exist all around these same communities. Apparently the influence of the church is either minimal to non-existent to the people who inhabit the neighborhoods. No, a pillar of fire does not rule over the immediate clouds for these Christians as much work remains to be done.
The sugar coated approach to Christianity suggests that once a person accepts the Lord that for whatever route, all is good. Most teach that God hates no one and that simply going to church, tithing and reading the bible will produce productive goals, manifesting itself in tangible effects.
If the mainstream Christian were to examine and copy the examples of the Jehovah Witnesses or the Mormons, we might see a revitalization in our cities and neighborhoods.
I suggest one of the real reason all is not good is that: evangelizing is frowned upon. In fact, so much is evangelizing abhorred, it is almost considered pornographic is some churches. Still, another major reason the Christian churches are ineffective is that we fail to keep the commandments of obedience to the Lord.
To this effect, the mainstream Christian has more or less become ‘invisible’ to the world. We generally fit in so well with the rest of the world that it is at times, difficult to tell us from anyone else.
And that is the major problem. That is why not all is Good. There is or at least should be major differences between Christians and non-believers. Far too often, the Christian looks, acts and talks the same as anyone else.
The problem then becomes identified as a lack of discipleship. Through discipleship we have the actual doing and the saying. The words and actions should line up and become at some point, identical.
Without discipleship, the Christian has absolutely no effect on the world. In fact, it could be argued that our effect has the opposite intended consequences and produces a negative effect. Sadly, most people would even laugh if the churches effect were mentioned to them.
The call to duty then becomes: 1.) to evangelize. We must preach the good news of the Bible and 2.) we must call Christians into discipleship.
In short, the witness and testimony of the Church, if real and genuine then becomes a powerful agent in our community and in the world at large. The truth of who we are is best described by our actions. Discipleship is the exact roadmap of our actions. And no, it will never be all good on this earth, but with honest Christian applications, we can remove at least some of the very bad.