When In Doubt

Whenever in doubt about what is going on with our life, it is so easy to accuse God of our circumstances. Truthfully, it is okay to doubt God, but to go on your knees in truthfulness of our own weakness.
Just because God doesn’t answer our prayers how we wish or even say’s ‘no’ to our request, it is then incumbent upon us to realize that Life is in God’s hands and that He is sovereign. He doesn’t answer to us, we answer to Him.
Simply put, there is no way to return to God except through your heart. God never leaves us, never deserts us and never lies.
Easy enough. We don’t like what happens. We suffer a death or find a loved one in sickness. I don’t it any more than you do. But, in spite of this, I’ll say to you: Trust God.
Already, Jesus, the Christ came to this earth as a man, suffered and died a criminal’s death for us so that we might all live. His love is so great he would have none perish.
Consequently, when things look bad, are bad, have Faith in Him and in He who Sent Him. That is Faith.
Thus, there is no sugar coating anything. There are times and events in which we simply do not understand.
In fact, in accordance with human nature, it is so very easy to believe when things are going our way. Difficult or impossible when circumstances go against us. This is the special time to believe.
Whatever comes your way, as James: “count it all joy.” Yes, this is insane. It is insane to count bad times joy when we are in pain, but this is what the Christian duty is to do.
So when in doubt, cling on to the Lord. Hold tight to your beliefs and believe that God cares for you and what you do. In the end, He will win. In the end, we will win: more than likely it will not be on our terms. To this effect, we must believe that God loves us and he does and that He will see to the proper ending according to His terms. In all of this: as Christians we are to rejoice. And even though it appears to be nothing more than madness, it is the tenets of our faith to believe.


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