And You Say You know God?

Anyone with any common sense can detect the nature of God as different from the Old Testament and the New. In the Old Testament, we see a God that was Jealous, who zapped those who went against Him and who also killed women, children, animals or anything that was alive. In this sense, anyone can see in the Old Testament, that killing was a large part of being God’s Children. All one has to do is look over the roles of Joshua or even David: at one point David took 1,000 foreskins simply to appease his upcoming wife.
Truly, we don’t see any of this in the New Testament with perhaps the exception of the Book of Revelation.
When looking into the words of Jesus, the Son of the Living God who came here on earth in the flesh, we hear accounts from the Christ that we are to forgive, love, possess faith, patience, forbearance, kindness, and many, many other good gentle virtues.
And where I don’t even attempt to make an allowance for the God of the Old Testament as opposed to the God of the New Testament, the only way I can even say I understand God at all is by virtue of His, Son, Jesus the Christ.
Perhaps that is what the new covenant relationship is all about. Perhaps it took Jesus to arrive here on earth, roam on the earth to teach us the true nature of God where God is truly love.
That’s at least one reason we should be careful in quoting Old Testament. Jesus turned all of our thinking upside down. With Jesus we don’t see a God zapping everyone that is not in alignment with God or His commandments. Instead, because of Jesus, we see love, sacrifice as the calling and servitude as the ultimate virtue. Throughout the life of Jesus, we see where he served and even in death, He gave all for man to be forgiven.
All of this requires thought and experience whenever we say we know God.


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