Changing God’s Mind


No, God is not going to change His basic character for our wants or desires.  However, we do read “So the Lord changed His mind about the harm which He said He would do to His people,” (Exodus 32:14, NASB).

So then, we read where God does or at least is willing to change His mind:  Does that mean our prayers should center on that very issue?  On the surface or even beyond that, of course not, we should make no attempt to address God’s judgment on us. However, our prayers should more often be centered on changing OUR will, our desires and wants.  The change in effect is that we are the ones in need of changing and not God.

To pray without ceasing, continually is not for the purpose of breaking God’s will to conform to our own, but  rather so that we might be in alignment with God’s will, whatever that might be.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t influence God or His decisions. It does mean though that we should be in reverent attention to our Father’s will and his commands. Quite frankly this also means that we are usually at odds with God’s will.

Moreover, generally speaking, we are usually selfish in our prayers and don’t have a fully pure heart when we pray, yet want one expectation or another.

In common terms it usually means we don’t trust God enough to take care of us or those we love.  If God doesn’t heal our family members or friends, does this mean that God didn’t hear our prayer or that He doesn’t love us?  Of course, not.

God always loves us and is concerned for us.  We should stand certain that His ways are not our ways and that He has all in control.

If in many ways we were to approach our Heavenly Father the way we approach our earthly father, we could see that more than anything else, the task is not to discover how much God loves us, for He truly does, but to inject the notion that we actually love Him as much as we way.

No father wants to be approached over and over again simply to be used, because we want something or desire for our wants to be filled.  In no uncertain terms, this is not the method to change God’s mind.  I assert that if we are willing to change our will, our Father who is caring and judge will do whatever is within our own best interest.  None of this involves changing God’s mind.


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