Pulling Christ Down from The Cross


Remarkable enough, Christ died on a tree for our sins.  As importantly, Christ, after dying on the Cross, was buried and rose again after 3 days.

This of course, the defeat of death is perhaps his most remarkable achievement: Christ continues to live!

In bare honesty, this is how I have come to know God:  In fact, I really don’t know God at all, but know of him because of his Nature.

The nature of God is reflected in His Son, Jesus, the Christ.

Without Jesus, all I would really know of God would be a God that shows mercy, can become angry, who zaps people who disobey, who at times can be an extreme judge.

In fact, with limited access to God except by the high priest, my audience to God is made forthright simply and only because of the invitation created by Christ himself.

Because of Christ I know of forgiveness, kindness, generosity, humility, long-suffering, hope, faith, truth, and the virtue of promises.

You see, as important as it was for our Lord to die on a Cross, it was even more important for Him to come down off the Cross and be down here with us.

Because of Christ, God was no longer way, way up there out of reach, but dwelled down here on earth with us.  And because of his life here on earth we gained understanding.

In fact, with Christ’s presence here on earth we learned there indeed was a major separation between us and God’s ways.  Inevitably, our ways are different, very different and generally wrong. Christ is the way.

It is impossible for me to identify with an unseen God who lives somewhere elusive to where I am.  Christ was here in the flesh.  I can relate to his love, suffering and ultimate sacrifice of his life for our benefit.

For all of us who say we know God, I say we really know nothing, nothing at all.  Yet, because of Christ, we can emulate the possibilities of those actions, those behaviors that he actually did.  Because of this, we have more than the intellectual reality of a deity.  We have the living example of what is.  What is, is far more real than that than what could be for the living testimony, the example speaks for itself.



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