You Are Not Who You Are


Most people, when asked who they are respond with such identities as:  a policeman, teacher, secretary or such.  In other words, people are programmed to identify themselves with their occupation or even perhaps their education.

The bible teaches that God is not a respecter of persons.  Thus, whoever we say we are in reference to position on this earth has no bearing on our relationship to the Lord.  He treats us all the same.

Today, there is the big push to identify oneself as it pertains to sexuality.  Yet, Galatians 3:28 announces that as Christians, we are clothed with Christ himself and that there is neither male nor female.

Agreeing that God judges us according to our heart, we then understand that character traits are the mechanism that best reflect who we are.

Our passions, our creeds, our actions, our motives, hidden agendas, intents are the substance of who we really are.  True enough, we possess an outward persona, but more importantly the driving force behind all of our outward appearance is the essence of who we are.

Hence, our ability to forgive, to love to give to possess patience or any other good virtue comes from the well-entrenched deep treasure tucked away within our own hearts.

In most cases, we wear a mask and are not at all who we say we are and we are that way because often times, we are selfish: or afraid, or lonely or insecure, or possess hatred, envy, covetousness or any other number of sins or so-called character defects.

In spite of who we are not, we have in common the special need to humble ourselves before our Lord in order to attain status as a citizen of God’s kingdom.  In this special relationship, we are then known to our Father as the Children of God.  Of all the people we are not, and there are many, this is one category we should come to know.  Accepting the position as God’s child is granted by the conditions and merit of our heart.  We must yield our false identities come to know our God through his son, the Christ.


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