About Him, About Us


Much is said about Jesus, that his ministry was about us.  Others say, no, it is not about us, it is about Him.

With all of the wonderful declarations Jesus stated, it appears to me that his mission was yes, about Him, and yes, about us.

The fact that Jesus walked on the earth in the flesh made everything he did personal.  His life and death was personal.  Whereas, previously, our knowledge, relationship with God was from afar, Jesus changed all of that and made it one to one, directly between Him and us.

The phenomena can’t lie solely on Jesus, for if it were, then the story would be over. There would be no need for his church, no need for us to carry on what he taught.  The many promises of Jesus to us would be meaningless if his words did not regard us as his followers.

Yes, we can argue forever about his words: were His words directed toward his apostles or were they directed toward us?  And insomuch we don’t really know the answers, perhaps we weren’t meant to know exactly what Jesus said or meant.  Perhaps we are to rely on prayer, on faith, on each other to climb, to ascribe to all the virtues Jesus directed us to attain. And while we don’t know, there are hard hitting pointers we do know.  Aside from everything else, we are to love one another.  Naturally, this is about Him and too, it is about Us!


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